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Viu will revolutionise the way you manage and exceed your customer expectations. Our software allows you to receive up-to-the-second feedback that allows the end-user to act and respond in real-time across all platforms of the business in a central reporting system. Feedback can be received by all methods with most popular models including email, website, text and smart phone devices.

Viu is a revolutionary concept, allowing your customers to set the agenda for leaving feedback. In developing our software we’ve stepped away from the limiting nature of many other online feedback tools, which rely on a combination of static check boxes and ‘yes/no’ fields.

From a customer point of view, forms like these are unappealing and extremely constraining. From a company’s perspective, you are likely to experience poor take-up and responses that lack any true insight into the mind-set of your customer.

Viu has been designed to collect more meaningful feedback from customers than other tools allow, which enables your company to:
  • Gain a much deeper understanding of their customers, through feedback which is wide in scope and driven by the customer, rather than the software
  • Receive feedback in real-time, providing up-to-the-second accuracy
  • Respond to feedback immediately and resolve problems quickly
Viu is more appealing to your customers and it allows them to:
  • Engage more fully with brands and submit feedback on their terms
  • Leave feedback in a way that is convenient for them with easy access: email, website, text etc.
  • Receive quick responses to their queries or complaints.

Thanks to Viu efficient design you can collect feedback from all platforms in one easy-to-manage central hub. It offers a total care management suite that allows data to be quickly disseminated across your company, but retained in a central reporting system.

Your data flow is fully automated from our systems, linking feedback to the specific person/people it concerns. This gives your team direct ownership of customer queries, and individual accountability. Issues relating to your service or product will not fall off the radar, and are more likely to be resolved in good time. By demonstrating your ability to respond to problems fast, you are much more likely to retain customers and build confidence and loyalty in your service or product.

Viu collects customer feedback in real-time and notifies you via email as soon as feedback is received. This allows you to access customer opinions almost instantaneously and get up-to-the-second reaction to your services and products.

Data measuring is based on corporate metrics including NPS (Net Promoter Score), this is the management tool that company’s measure to gauge the loyalty of customer relationships, it can be used to drive profit, create growth and adapt to change. When measuring your NPS in the central reporting system it quickly identifies specific customer concerns, giving you an edge over competitors by rectifying any concerns.

Other key benefits:
  • Data measuring is based on corporate metrics including NPS, Net Promoter Score, ensuring your data is reliable
  • Data is presented in an accessible format, making interpretation and analysis simple
  • Data can be used to measure and compare key aspects of your customer experience
  • NPS is embraced by Apple, eBay, HSBC, Vodafone and Bupa to name but a few
  • Increase customer retention and value by addressing any concerns quickly

We understand the strong influence that online reviews can have on a business; and with all of your competitor’s just one click away it is growing to a point where reviews can literally make or break a business.

"It is essential that you shout about your fantastic service and so Viu. offers you an integration package which feeds your reviews directly onto your website giving potential customers a stand-out reason to buy from you."

With live central reporting, Viu allows your company to segment the database and market accordingly to your promoters, passives and detractors.


Promoters are critical to your business growth, who remain extremely loyal who continue to purchase and recommend others to do the same.


Passives are satisfied customers but less enthusiastic than promoters and can sometimes be tempted by your competition.


Detractors are unhappy at the service or experience they have received from your company and would not purchase from you again, sourcing alternatives.

Market Accordingly

Recognising and rewarding promoters within your marketing campaign can attract more customers through increased loyalty and word of mouth.


Producing special offers will often retain passives who you will aim to become more enthusiastic about your business as a promoter.


Detractors will need a different approach by resolving the problem quickly and precisely, often in their favour or by fairness when representing your case. This will not only convince the detractor that you are committed to customer care, but it will often result in a detractor becoming a promoter of your business as cases have often proved.

I am interested in Viu but would like to find out more...

We offer all new customers an in-depth consultation to discuss their specific requirements. At this stage we will talk you through the specific functions of Viu software and get to know more about how your business works. We can discuss your particular branding requirements at this stage, too.

Is Viu suitable for use by organisations of any size or type?

Viu is a fully customisable product – it can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation, enabling it to be used across all industries and by companies of any size. You can choose a fully bespoke service or opt for our set package, which is a more affordable option for smaller organisations.

How is Viu implemented?

Viu offers a seamless, convenient way to gather data. All that we require to implement your feed is an up-to-date customer database. Once your feed has been set up, you will receive automated feedback direct from our systems.

How is the Viu software integrated into my brand?

Viu is a white-label technology that can be tailored to any brand. We will work closely with your in-house team to create a user experience that carefully reflects the voice and visual identity of your brand.

Is Viu easy to use?

Yes. Because your feed is automated and is managed at our end, you do not require any specific technical ‘know-how’ to review and respond to customer feedback. Our team manages the initial implementation phase, ensuring all elements of the system – data feed, email invitations and feedback tracking – have been correctly set up. We also offer on-going support and training to ensure all members of your team understand the full functionality of our software and are confident in using it.

Package Plans Live Multi Pro
Automated Customer Data feed
Bespoke Branded Email Invitation
Live Feedback directly into your Inbox
View & Respond to Feedback in real time
Generate Affinity Scoring
Generate NPS Scoring
Compose & Track Results
Generate Customer Spreadsheets
Multiple Users
Multiple Branches / Offices
Compare Branches / Offices
Compose your own feedback questions
Share Feedback on Social Media Sites
Add Feedback to Review sites
Engage Feedback by Text
Link to Existing Software Systems
Automated Reports

We would be delighted to hear from you and work together to revolutionise your feedback strategy today...

Viu Reviews has been an invaluable tool to Wessex Garages. We have seen a considerable increase of feedback through Viu Reviews, which has allowed us to improve our overall net promoter score by measuring performance across our dealerships in the South West.

Keith Brock. Managing Director
Wessex Garages